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lørdag 13. november 2010

Pattern for my monsterpants in English!

I have added my pattern to Ravelry: Monsterpants

If you need help, the fastest way is to contact me on Ravelry or by mail: smoochie.fiberarts (at)

I get a large amount of spam comments, and wont always catch your comments here before it's too late.

This pattern is meant for personal use only! I do not want you to knit and sell pants using this pattern, unless you ask first! And I only accept small scale, private sales that you knit yourself. Also, I do not want to see my pattern copied and posted elsewhere, if you wish to share this pattern with someone, you can refer / link to this page or Ravelry. I have received several inquiries about whether I will sell my pattern, but have instead chosen to put it here for free use. So I hope you respect my wishes!

PDF-Link: Monsterpants pattern 

PDF-Link: Chart for eyes and teeth 

Since so many has asked me for this pattern in English, here it is! I have tried to write it down so both beginners and experts can understand it, but as this is my first proper pattern, and the first in English, I cannot promise that it is very well written! Please give me feedback if you think something should be written differently.

My pattern is based on using three colors of yarn: Main color, first stripe color (this is also the color of the mouth) and the second stripe color. In this pattern I will use the colors that you see in the picture above to explain. The main color is then referred to as coral, the first stripe color is referred to as purple and the second stripe color is referred to as light pink.I am using double strand baby wool (fingering weight yarn), but a thicker yarn intended for 4mm needles
(DK/Worsted weight) can also be used, then with a single strand. 

Please be aware that the skeins of babyull that are shown in amount needed is 50gram skeins! 
Gauge: 21 stitches and 32 rounds pr 10x10 cm.

Tip: When you knit the mouth, you need to use short rows. This means that you turn your work and knit back again. To avoid holes, you can do a wrap. Here are two videos that show you how to do this on the right side and the wrong side.

Sizes 6-12 months, (1-2 years) and 3-4 years.

Amount of yarn you need varies and you will of course have some left. But this is what I buy to make sure I have enough. You also need some leftovers of black and white yarn for the eyes and teeth. These are stitched on using duplicate stitches after you are done knitting.

6-12 months: 2 skeins of coral, 2 skeins of purple and 1 skein of light pink.
1-2years: 2 skeins of each color.
3-4years: 3 skeins of coral, 2 skeins of purple and 2 skeins of light pink.

Cast on 92 (96) 100 stitches using a double strand of purple babyull on 4mm circular needles, 40cm long. You will be knitting in the round. I suggest you place a stitchmarker at the beginning of the round, as this will be of great help later!

You will now knit ribbing: * K2, P2 * repeat from * to * the the end of the round.
Knit 5 rounds of purple, switch to light pink. Continue to knit ribbing, 4 rounds with light pink.
Then you knit the row for the cord: * K2, yo, P2 together, * repeat from * to * to the end of the round.
Now continue the ribbing. 3 rounds with light pink, switch to purple and knit another 5 rounds.

You will now start with stockinette stitch.
Switch to coral and knit one round. On the second round you need to increase. You will increase by picking up the thread between stitches, with your left needle from the front, then knit this through the back loop of the stitch.
*K23 (24) 25 stitches, M1 *, repeat from * to * the the end of the round.
Knit stockinette till the coral part measures 9 (10) 11 cm.
(If you want a light pink stripe around the mouth, you need to change color after approx. 8 (9) 10 cm and then knit three rounds with light pink.)

Now to the monster mouth!
Switch to purple and knit 3 rounds. K48 (50) 52 stitches, turn work, P48 (50) 52 stitches, turn work, K43 (45) 47 stitches, turn work, P38 (40) 42 stitches and turn work again. Continue in the same way, by knitting 5 stitches less every time you turn, until you can't turn anymore. Make sure you are on the right side again after you've turned the last time!
Work 3 rounds stockinette, and the mouth is completed.

Switch to coral and knit stockinette for 3 cm. (If you are knitting a light pink stripe around the mouth you switch to light pink instead of coral, knit 3 rounds, switch to coral and continue to follow the pattern)
On the last round, place a marker on the front and the back of the work, make sure it is centered. Since the rounds start on the side, the markers should be placed 24 (25) 26 stitches from the beginning/end of the round, on each side. 

Now you increase for the crotch, like this: knit til one stitch before back marker, M1R, K2, M1L, knit til 1 stitch before front marker, M1R, K2, M1L, knit till end of round.
1. round: Increase.
2. round: Knit all stitches.
Repeat round 1 and 2 three more times, giving you a total stitch count of 112 (116) 120. Cut yarn.

Now you start on the legs and the stitches must be divided equally.
Put 28 (29) 30 stitches onto 4mm DPN's, then 56 (58) 60 stitches on scrap yarn. The remaining 28 (29) 30 stitches goes on the DPN's together with the first 28 (29) 30 you already placed there. Now you have divided the stitches, 56 (58) 60 on each side, so you can knit two legs. You start the round on the inside of the leg. Place marker at the beginning of round.

Knit in stockinette, 6 rows of coral. Start knitting stripes. I make 6 rows of each color, but you decide the size yourself. Knit til the leg measures approx. 22 (30) 36 cm.
Switch to the next color and knit one round. Next round you decrease 8 stitches evenly, by using K2 together. Knit ribbing, like at the top of the pants, until it measures 5 cm.
Cast off and make another leg!

Weave in all loose ends and make a cord to put in the ribbing on top.
By using duplicate stitches you now make the monster's face on the back. I strongly suggest using a yarn that is thicker than what you have knitted with! I prefer to use Freestyle from Dale.

If you want a heart or a square on the front, knit this seperately, crochet an edging around it and attach to the pants.

Finished! Enjoy your new monster pants! :)

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  1. I do not see any info. on eyes and teeth?

  2. Hi Sandie! I don't have any tutorial or chart for the eyes and teeth. As no one has requested it earlier I didn't make one. People usually make their own versions of the face :)
    If you want to make them similar to mine, the easiest is to choose monsterpants in the side menu here, click on one of the pictures added and magnify it.

    If a lot of people ask for a chart I will make one, but the number of stitches vary depending on the size, and I usually just stitch them the way I feel fits :)

  3. Hi! I have been having a hard time with the short rows.... but I'm still trying. Like the post above though, what am I to do about the eyes and teeth? Any direction you could provide would be appreciated!
    I may have more questions as I get to the crotch--lol! I'll let you know!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. did you ever figure out how to do the crotch? I am having a hard time figure out how to center it. Could you please help

  4. Sehr schöne Anleitung. Habe alles genau so gearbeitet. Es ist eine tolle Monsterhose geworden, vielen lieben Dank,

  5. Hi! Thank you for your lovely pattern. Here is my pants

  6. When you say turn work, is this wrap and turn, or how would u do this?
    Also I plan to leave out the 3 rows around at the mouth start, will this work to just start the mouth without that?

    1. Hi Pachie. A wrap is something you use on the turn to hide the hole that would normally be created by turning. Check out the Youtube video I have linked to for a proper explanation on how to do this.
      With the 3 rounds around the mouth I assume you mean the optional stripe in different color. If you don't wish to have this you just use the main color. You still have to knit these 3 rounds.

  7. Svar
    1. The links are right here on the page, just above where it says what sizes the pattern comes in. You can click on the text where it says right side and wrong side and it will take you to Youtube.

      Btw, you don't need to post comments more than once :) I have to accept them to be published before they show here on the blog.

  8. Hi, I'm starting the crotch increase, but a little confused. Do I start the increase from the center of the mouth, or the side of the mouth before center. Because if I start the increase at center of the mouth and end there, then the dividing of the legs does not make sense

  9. Did you do M! right then left ? omn crotch increase, and what order?

  10. Hi Kristine! Thank you for this great pattern, I am just working on my first pair with the German translation. I realized there is a little mistake wenn it comes to working the mout, you write "stricke 43L" instead of 38 after the turn. I was a little confused while reading and did look it up in the original version. Also, a hint on doing the wrap when turning would be very helpful. I am a beginner and was wondering about the holes I got before I checked the original and started again! ;-)
    Thanks a lot for sharing your pattern, I can't wait for my pants to be ready!!! :-D
    All the best from Vienna, Astrid

    1. Hi Astrid! Thanks for your message! Unfortunately I don't speak or write German, that version it translated by another knitter who liked my pattern. So I also don't have the original file. I'm afraid I am unable to add anything to that pattern since I have no idea what to write! I will see if I can do something though. If I make a new file and copy the German instructions, at least I can change the wrong number of stitches.
      Enjoy your knitting!

    2. Kristine! I can help you out if you want. Let me think about what to write. And either I send it to you or I copy the pdf and insert it directly there. Whatever you think is better! :)

    3. That would be great Astrid! I would appreciate that a lot. Just send me the PDF to If you want you can get a copy of my Kitty pants pattern as a thank you, if you don't already have it :)

  11. Ok! I will try to send it to you this weekend. And I would love the pattern for the kitty pants! :-) :-) :-)
    Greetings, Astrid

  12. Thanks so much for this wonderful pattern! Can't wait to make them for my three grandchildren!

  13. Do you have instructions for the Elmo version of this pattern?

  14. Can u make a tutorial for monster pants on YouTube? ?

  15. I need help with the crotch I did not center it correctly

  16. Denne kommentaren har blitt fjernet av forfatteren.

  17. I am working on the 6-12 month pattern of the monster pants and ran into an issue. I casted on 92, then I worked on the cord part of the ribbing (k2, p2 together) which brought my stich count down to 69, then in row 2 after the ribbing, I increased by 3 (k23, m1) so now I am at 72 and have finished the mouth. It says next I need to mark the front and back middle and increase by 4 every other row until I am at 112 (which the pattern says should not take more than 3 times). However, I need to increase by 40 in order to get to 112 and that doesn’t seem right. Can you please provide me with some clarification on where I went wrong with my increases.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing your free pattern, cant wait to start one for my granddaughter.

    1. You're most welcome! Happy knitting!